Potresujka dance school

Where did the potresujka come from?

We do not know today exactly where the potresujka came from, but it was originally accompanied by Slovenian music. The dance first gained popularity in the village of Rukavac, before spreading all across the Matulji area. Today this traditional dance is very popular across the whole Liburnia area and even in some places on the other side of Mount Učka. Interest in this dance school is increasing every year – today many people from other areas of the Kvarner region dance the potresujka “in the Matulji way”.

How do you dance the potresujka?

In contrast to many other dances, the potresujka typically has only one step in a two quick-one slow rhythm, which is then varied while dancing. Every village in the area has its own distinctive detail when this traditional dance is performed.

The Matulji potresujka dance school

Since organising its first course several years ago, the Matulji dance school has now produced approximately 1.000 dancers of this traditional dance. The school takes place between 6 and 8 p.m. in Jušići under the expert guidance of Mr. Dean Jurdan. Price per hour per person is 30 kn.

 Potresujka dance school Potresujka dance school


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The Potresujka DVD can be obtained from the Matulji Tourism Office (address: Dalmatinskih brigada 9) or in the Matulji Tours tourist agency (address: Trg maršala Tita 3) for the price of 50 kn.