Bike trails

In co-operation with the Kvarner Mountain Biking Club, Matulji Tourism Office has prepared and issued a booklet for two bike routes that lead through several villages and past many attractive locations within the municipality.
We can also provide guides who are not only very familiar with the routes but who will also be able to tell you plenty of interesting stories from the local history.

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Bike trails Lisina

We set off from the centre of Matulji along the old road towards Učka where, after passing through Frančići, we turn right towards Lisina. We pass by Rukavac and at the 4,5 km we are on a macadam road.On the our way up the hill to Lisina we pass by old Italian military barracks. At the 9,7 km we are on the top of the hill and 1 km further away we arrive at the crossroads where we turn left towards the climbers’ refuge, an ideal place for rest.

Leaving the climbers’ refuge we ride straight down the hill to Škrapna. At the 12,1 km we turn left following the signs and at the 13 km we arrive in Škrapna. It is worth stopping here at the old water cistern and admire a wonderful view to Opatija hinterland.

As soon as we leave Škrapna we turn right and the old road will take us to Kriva. Turning left we pass through Zdemer and at the 16 km we turn right towards Kućeli. As soon as we enter the village we turn right and we go down the steep hill along the asfalted road towards Rukavac. From the centre of Rukavac we carry on towards Mihotići where we get back to the old road to Učka, which takes us back to the centre of Matulji.

Bike trails Lužina

We set out from the centre of Matulji along the road Rijeka – Trieste in the direction of Jušići. After a 5,4 km long ride we turn left to a macadam road in Mučići and again to the right after only 100 meters we pull out into an old unsurfaced road going up the hill until the 7,2 km, where we reach Stanić pass.After the pass we come to the crossroads where we turn left towards the hunter lodging Zvirić. We pass by the lodging but we do not turn at the 8,8 km.

After a slow descent we arrive to the crossroads for Pavletići where we turn right and ride up the hill to Kastav. We pass by Crekvina (the church) through the town and just after the town gate we turn right to Belićev breg where we turn once again to the unsurfaced road. Following the signs we reach Brajani village carrying on to the right and again into the forest. At the 14,9 km we turn left to Principi place. In the centre of the village we turn left to a forest path that will take us to Jurdani where we pull out to the road Rijeka – Trieste. Turning left and return in the centre of Matulji again.

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