Hiking Trails

St. Mihovil trail

The track begins in the centre of Matulji just in front of the Tourist Agency where we get going along the promenade by the Elementary School towards Opatija. We turn left to the forest path leading down the steep hill through the small forest towards Preluk, crossing the road twice. We reach Preluk after a twenty – minute walk. Preluk is a spot well known for the world champion ship motorcycle races that used to take place there. It is a deep bay that in the past was tuna fishing locality and in more distant past it used to be a landing place for ships carrying amber. Our promenade is part of the well – known Amber Road on which amber was transported all the way to the Baltic.
Walking up the very steep track we pass along the edge of the quarry where, by the end of the 19th century, stone for the building of the Port of Rijeka was obtained. We reach Cirkul, (ex Panorama Hotel) where we cross the road Rijeka – Matulji and we turn right down a steep road, just by the signpost for Matulji.
After about 500 meters we reach a macadam road that after a while takes us to the railway tracks and then across the highway flyover to Rubeši.Walking along some more gradient path we arrive in front of the Monument to the Second World War Victims. This spot is also a wonderful belvedere to the Riviera of Opatija.
In the past local people used this path to carry on their backs sand for the construction of Crekvina, the Kastav church.
Proceeding further we pull out to the main road turning left after 200 meters and after a short walk up the hill we arrive at an elevation where St. Mihovil’s Church is situated. On this spot in the years 1871 and 1911 the 1st and 2nd Istrian Assemblies were held. These were public meetings where Istrian Croatians demanded larger political rights as well as stronger links with other South Slavs.
We continue walking down the hill through Antončići and Frlanija until we arrive at the water tank Živica, popularly called Buč. Once there used to be a freshwater source and a small lake. We reach the road Kastav – Matulji that leads us down to the centre of Matulji.

St. Luka trail

We set out from the center of Matulji towards the railway station and afterwards we walk up the hill through Osojnaki and Trtni to the road Rijeka – Trieste. We cross the road and through Mihelići we reach the railway track, carrying on along the steps and through Mohorići and Biškupi. Following the old road through the area called Brezovac we arrive in Krujci, a hamlet interesting for the well preserved elements of traditional architecture. Admiring the wonderful view of the Quarner Bay, we descend to the centre of Rukavac and then again we walk up the hill to St. Luka’s Church.
A steep path will take us down the hill to Luskino, we cross the railway and arrive in Mihotići on the road for Učka that takes us back to the centre of Matulji.

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