From our grandmother’s pots

Cold plateCold plate

Home made prosciutto, rolled bacon, smoked sausages, home made bread baked in an earthenware dish, all specialities that must be tried!

Vegetable soup from potatoes and beansVegetable soup from potatoes and beans

Old fashioned food of the Kastav region which is made from potatoes and dry kidney beans. When it is cooked (at the end of cooking) a spoonful of vinegar is added, according to taste. It can also be cooked with some baby corn.

Scrambled eggsScrambled eggs

It is made from eggs and almost anything can be added, asparagus, spring onions, mushrooms, prosciutto, bacon, sausages…

Goulash with gnocchiGoulash with gnocchi

It is made of beef, game or mixed meats. It was made only for some feasts or when there was meat in the house. Then the house windows would be opened so that everyone in the village would know that there was meat in the house. Gnocchi go best with this goulash but also fuži (a kind of bow shaped pasta) could be made with it.

Smoked sausagesSmoked sausages

Best when eaten with Brgud cabbage having origin only in this region. Try it and you won’t regret it.

Drunken crepesDrunken crepes

The crepe dough is made, for the children it is filled with honey or marmalade, and for adults the filling is made from sugar, lemon and rakija (a kind of grape brandy).

Sheep's cheeseSheep’s cheese

With olive oil, pepper and paprika seasoning – finger licking good!

Asparagus and nettle soupAsparagus and nettle soup

These simple or cream soups are made according to the season from asparagus, nettle, fennel, mushrooms – you just can’t tell which is the best?!

Skuta, dry ricotta cheeseSkuta, dry ricotta cheese

Skuta is heated and served on grapewine leaves.

Lamb's meat under an earthenware dishLamb’s meat under an earthenware dish

Lamb from these parts is very good. Try it!

Zarebrnik, pork care in wineZarebrnik, pork care in wine

This is somewhat a more recent age dish. It is made from the best part of pork meat which is dried and smoked. It is shortly fried in butter then poured over with wine. It is eaten with cabbage and polenta.

Supice, french toastSupice, french toast

Who says that we throw old bread away – we make supice. Old bread is dipped in eggs, milk and sugar. It is drained and fried on butter or oil, then it is sprinkled with table sugar.

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