Kastav Blues Festival 2013.

Free entrance.

<Official web site: www.kastavbluesfest.com.

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TZG Kastva

TZO Viškovo, Općina Matulji, TZO Čavle,
TZG Kraljevice, Udruga Hal


<Četvrtak, 1. kolovoza: 21.00h, ČAVLE, Kaštel
Woody Mann (USA)
Adrian Byron Burns (USA)
Damir Halilić – Hal (HR)

<Petak, 2. kolovoza: 21.00h, MATULJI, Trg M. Tita
Fake Orchestra (SLO)

<Subota, 3. kolovoza: 21.00h, KASTAV, Fortica
Crossroads Blues Band (MK)
King King (GB)

<Nedjelja, 4. kolovoza: 21.00h, VIŠKOVO, Ronjgi
Damir Kukuruzović Trio (HR)
Robi Zonca Band feat. Sabrina Kabua (I)

<Ponedjeljak, 5. kolovoza: 21.00h, KRALJEVICA, Dvorac Frankopan
Igor Leonardi Power Trio feat. Ana Vipotnik (SLO)


< WOODY MANN (USA) / www.woodymann.com

Woody ManWoody Mann had the opportunity to learn from great masters; he perfected his guitar playing technique for four years with the legendary ragtime blues guitarist Reverend Gary Davis, and later studied improvisation for five years with the Chicago jazz visionary Lennie Tristano. As a true lover of American music, especially blues and jazz, early on he had the opportunity to perform with some of the most eminent American blues pioneers such as Bukka White, Son House, the guitarist guru John Fahey, and the British blues singer Jo Ann Kelly. Woody Mann is famous not only as a guitar player but also as a historian, film producer,
successful businessman and influential teacher who has passed on his knowledge to numerous students across the USA, Europe and Asia. The list of his long-time students includes world-famous acclaimed artists such as Paul Simon. C. F. Martin & Company, the world’s best-known acoustic guitar manufacturer, has recently introduced the Woody Mann model to its product portfolio, which speaks volumes about the status of this musician in the acoustic guitar world. Woody Mann has released 14 albums, and his educational materials are among the best on the market. He has performed several times in Croatia, most notably a solo concert at the Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall (broadcast by Croatian Radio- Television), a performance at Klovićevi dvori in Zagreb, and a concert at the Local History Museum in Buzet.

<ADRIAN BYRON BURNS (USA) / www.adrianburns.com

Adrian ByronAdrian Byron Burns is a blues musician who plays approximately 200 concerts across Europe, Asia and America every year. He has performed and recorded with Bill Wyman of The Rolling Stones as a member of Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings, with Tommy Emmanuel, and in the 1970s supported Neil Young, Ritchie Havens and Little Richard. He has played with blues legends such as Champion Jack Dupree, and shared the stage with renowned artists such as B. B. King, Robert Cray, Charlie Musselwhite, Nils Lofgrin, The Dubliners, Louisiana Red, Otis Grand, Roy Rodgers, Johnny Mars and John Renbourne…

< HAL (HR) / www.halmusicland.com

HALThe artistic director of the Kastav Blues Festival this year will present his new album Mare Nostrum (Croatia Records), which was recorded in London and produced by the legendary B. J. Cole (who has worked with Sting, REM, Elton John, Robert Plant, Bjork etc.; www.bjcole.co.uk). It was realised in collaboration with sound engineer Steve Honest, who has worked with Ry Cooder, Ritchie Blackmore, Dave Stewart, Culture Club, Oasis, etc. “If there is any justice in the world, Hal’s music will reach out from Croatia and touch people in every continent”, said Michael Messer, Britain’s most influential blues slide guitarist, winner of the BBC best acoustic blues guitarist award, whose guitar skills were praised by the legendary Johnny Cash. “Hal is a wonderful musician and I admire his dedication to the
guitar. I wish him success in his career and I would like to see him take his music to the rest of the world”, said Tommy Emmanuel, Australian virtuoso musician, declared the world’s best acoustic guitar player by Guitar Player. “It is remarkable how Hal is able to play so many different styles of guitar music in such a brilliant manner. His technique and ideas show a musician with extraordinary talent. I think he has the potential to be a major figure in the world of guitar”, said the legendary American jazz and blues guitarist Woody Mann, who will perform with Hal at Grobnik Castle. “Hal is one of Croatia’s best guitarists, more appreciated abroad than in his home country. A finger-picking virtuoso, he is always capable of surprising with some new technical solutions while playing, and is a musician with an excellent knowledge of guitar techniques and genres, but also Croatian folklore. He is equally capable of moving the borders of composing and arranging guitar music”, wrote the Muzika.hr web portal.

<FAKE ORCHESTRA (SLO) / www.myspace.com/fakeorchestra

Fake OrchestraThe Slovenian band Fake Orchestra is known for its original repertoire based on covers of traditional Slovenian music in new arrangements with a hint of blues, soul, funk, afrobeat and jazz. Besides numerous concerts in Slovenia, the band has performed at important international festivals from Istanbul to New York. Fake Orchestra have used the fact that Slovenian traditional music has no choruses but only verses as an ideal pattern for funk, blues, afrobeat and similar forms. They have released four albums: Fake Life (2000), Fake World (2004), Made in China (2008), Live in KUD 2013 (2013).


Crossroad Blues BandThis Macedonian blues band from Prilep in 2000 recorded its first single entitled Kade e krajot?, which was noticed by Macedonia’s best-known radio presenter Dragan B. Kostić, who helped the band to present its song to a wider audience, but also to record its first album Tutuun Bluz. The lyrics of songs by the Crossroad Blues Band have a strong social dimension; they speak about the problems of ordinary people, which is after all one of the basic themes of blues lyrics.

<KING KING (GB) / www.kingkingblues.com

King KingThe Scottish band King King is at the moment the biggest blues rock attraction in Britain. The guys in kilts have headlined all the major festivals in the UK and won the most prestigious British blues music award – THE BRITISH BLUES AWARDS 2012 – in two categories: band of the year and album of the year. The band also won the best blues band and best blues album awards of the most popular British blues music magazine Blues Matters. This will be the second time King King have performed at the Kastav Blues Festival, having played in Viškovo (Ronjgi) two years ago.

<DAMIR KUKURUZOVIĆ TRIO (HR) / www.damirkukuruzovic.com

Damir Kukuruzović TrioDamir Kukuruzović is the most prominent Croatian exponent of gypsy jazz music and a virtuoso with extensive experience of musical collaboration. He has worked with a range of artists, from the late Croatian jazz guru Boško Petrović to some of the world’s most significant musicians in this genre, such as Angelo Debarr, Raphael Fays and Ludovic Beier. Damir Kukuruzović is also the organiser of numerous jazz concerts across Croatia, and for seven years he has organised the Siscia Open Jazz & Blues Festival in his Jazz Club Siscia 6 in Sisak. He has performed many times in Croatia and abroad, and continues to surprise and delight audiences with his superb playing skills.

<ROBI ZONCA BAND (I) / www.robizonca.it

Robi Zonca BandAfter 25 years of being a backing musician for renowned artists such as Ginger Baker, Mia Martini, Ronnie Jones, Andy J. Forest, Cooper Terry, Billy Gregory, Tao Ravao, Claudio Bazzari, James Thompson (saxophonist in the band of the Italian pop star Zucchero), Aido Cooper, Antonello Aguzzi and Treves Blues Band), over the last decade the Lombard musician Robi Zonca has led his own band, which has released five albums. His songs are frequently played by radio stations in the USA, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Spain and other countries around the world. His Rebel album was recorded in Milan and New York and featured stars of the Italian and American scene such as the legendary drummer Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, The Vivino Brothers and Big Luther Kent. His last album entitled So Good features a guest performance by Italy’s currently most acclaimed trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso. At the same time, the album perfectly shows the direction that Robi Zonca Band is taking today. With a firm foothold in blues, their music also includes lots of funk, jazz and rock. At the Kastav Blues Festival, the band will be joined by special guest singer Sabrina Kabua.


Igor LeonardeliIgor Leonardi was born in Ljubljana in 1958. He studied classical and jazz guitar at the musical academy in Graz in Austria. In his youth, he travelled to India in search of spiritual and musical experiences, and on his numerous journeys across Asia and Africa he learned to play some of the traditional instruments of the local people, such as the Arabic lute, saz, gaita, oud, etc. From 1989 to 1999, he lived in the USA where he worked as a studio 7 musician and collaborated with eminent artists such as Don Cherry and Metallica. Igor Leonardi is a prolific composer of stage and film music. He won the award for best Slovenian film music in 2003 for the soundtrack for the movie Spare Parts by Damjan Kozole. Igor Leonardi was the founder and member of several Slovenian cult music bands such as Miladojka Youneed, Quatebtiga and Fake Orchestra. Igor Leonardi Power Trio performs brilliant music, and at the Kastav Blues Festival will be joined by the singer Ana Vipotnik.

<BLUES WORKSHOP: MICHAEL MESSER (GB)/ www.michaelmesser.co.uk/

MesserMichael Michael Messer is one of the leading British slide-guitarists. He is a two-time winner of the BBC best acoustic blues guitarist award and one of the most respected contemporary British blues musicians. His music was praised not only by the critics, but also by other renowned musicians such as Johnny Cash or Louisiana Red. As a well-known guest of the Kastav Blues Festival, this year Michael Messer will act primarily as the presenter, but will also have a short solo performance and lead music workshops.


GRUPA12GRUPA12 Group12 was established in late 2012 by six artists of various profiles who work in the
Kastav area. These are the painters Željan Pavić and Saša Jantolek, photographers Marko Valjak and Branko Kukurin, glass designer Mirna Marmilić, and multimedia artist Meri Trošelj.

Emil KnapićEMIL KNAPIĆ Emil Knapić is an artist whose works are close to installations and sculpture, but he also
creates objects, paintings on canvas, drawings on glass and other materials. He is the author of an important series of interior furniture, which in the applied arts represents his artistic handwriting. It was his idea to create a sculpture within this year’s Kastav Blues Festival, which would be assigned to the artistic director of the Festival on behalf of the Organiser.

Božidar MilinovićBOŽIDAR MILINOVIĆ – Mr. JAZZ Mr. Jazz created a unique and easily recognisable style. Because of its distinctive quality, this exhibition provides a unique combination of blues and painting. Since 2012, Mr. Jazz has been in an artistic partnership with Tony Lee King.

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