The Finns

A husband and wife from the “land of a thousand lakes” have been visiting Matulji continuously for over three decades. The two have almost become kinds of ambassadors in Finland for tourism in Croatia.

The FinnsFor the last 33 years, Kari and Tuula Salminen from the small Finnish town of Nastola next to Lahti have spent their holidays in the village of Mučići at the home of Marija and Stojan Matetić. Over the years, they have also inspired their children, other family members, and friends to visit Croatia.
– When we first visited Croatia, we stayed in Dubrovnik and were delighted with the hospitality of local people, the beautiful nature and excellent food. After that, we were looking to spend our holidays somewhere in Croatia in private accommodation, which led to us meeting Marija and Stojan in Matulji, explains Tuula Salminen. After 33 years of regular visits, the Salminen and Matetić families have become close friends. Although they no longer rent out private accommodation, Marija and Stojan still welcome the nice Finnish family into their home every year. Trips to Liburnia, Istria, along the coast and to the islands have become an indispensable part of the annual meeting of these two families. Three years ago, Kari and Tuula welcomed Marija and Stojan to their house in Nastola. They are happy to tell us that even after so many years, they still enjoy visiting the area and swimming in Opatija.

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Jarbola – the project to preserve the area’s indigenous varieties of wine.
Four years ago, the Municipality of Matulji in co-operation with the Poreč Institute of Agriculture and Tourism started the “Genetic and economic resources Vitis sp. and gene bank” project. The aim of this project is to study the characteristics and plant original biotypes of Vitis sp., and to study the genetic and economic characteristics of some indigenous and introduced vine species with special emphasis on making this wine a part of the standard tourism offer of Istria and Kvarner.


Jarbola or jarbolica stara is a species of vine from the vineyards in the Matulji area, or more precisely from the village of Zvoneća. The species of vine and jarbolica wine are indigenous and protected.

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