Drugi o nama

Dear Tourism Board,

My husband and I visited Croatia for the 10th time this June. In the ten days there, there is always something wonderful to do. We walked, toured, sat at the beach, dined out, and for every activity, the Croatians make it special. The people are extremely warm and welcoming, helpful and attentive, pleasant and interesting. Can you tell that we really enjoyed meeting people there?

Besides that, the atmosphere is like a beautiful, old world scene. Unlike the rest of Europe, Croatia is calming. It doesn’t yet have the terrible population problems and so there isn’t the traffic problems. We had a definite feeling of safety and relaxation there. And the scenery is breathtaking. Croatia has all of that stunning beach and coastline. Croatia has an extensive history and charming culture. Croatia has the lovely Croatian people. This year on our trip we visited Plitvica national park for the first time. Wow! What an amazing treasure! We spent the day there and we both think that we would go backagain for more walking among the waterfalls. On this year’s trip we found a new restaurant that we really like – Stancija Kovacici in Rukavac. Rukavac is a little out of the way but oh, so worth the effort to go to this restaurant and to see more of the old world charm. Delicious food as well. They are best known for their meat, pasta, mousse au chocolate and some other home made specialities. And also this year, we took a tour with a private tour guide, Franko Tancabel. Well worth the money to get his knowledge of history and culture and his sense of humor. What a delight!

For the last many years, we have flown into Venice because we love to always come to Croatia and we also love to go into Italy. That will continue for us. Our all time favorite country to visit now is Croatia. Thank you for your continued help in letting tourist know that their money gets full value in Croatia.

Rita Ives and Rudy Chmelik